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We Love GOATS!

King Bee - Our senior buck.

You are invited...

Feel free to peruse the photos of our wonderful friends. We have a selection of Nigerian Dwarf goats and Myatonic (fainter) goats.

Our Nigerian Dwarf goats are excellent milk goats. All are pure-bred, and most can be registered with both AGS and ADGA, (some are not registerable).

Our Myatonic (fainter) goats are considered a meat breed, and make great pets and/or breeding stock.

Our herd...


This little girl is Rhindon, our firstborn this year (5/18), first of triplets, a Myotonic doe. She is polled.

River Narnia

Born second on 5/18, this is little River. She has been disbudded. 


This is Reep-a-Cheep, a Myotonic doe named after the famous mouse in the Narnia book series. She was also born 5/18, and is naturally polled.


This little guy is Rue, firstborn of twins born 5/22. He is a polled Myotonic buckling. 

Radicchio (Rad)

This is Radicchio, or Rad for short, born #2 on 5/22. He is a disbudded Myotonic buckling.


This is little Roberta, our first Nigerian Dwarf of the year born 5/29, the first of twins. She is a purebred Nigerian Dwarf doe, and comes from great milk lines. She has been disbudded. 

Rosita (Rosie)

Rosita was born 5/29 right behind her sister Roberta, a beautiful Nigerian Dwarf doeling. She has also been disbudded.


This little guy is Rocky, born 6/2, first of twins. He is a purebred Nigerian Dwarf buckling and comes from great milk lines. He has been disbudded. He is also our only blue-eyed Nigerian!


Roxy is Rocky's twin sister also born 6/2 and previously disbudded.


Ruth (Ruthie) was born 1st of Nigerian Dwarf triplets on 6/3. She has already found a loving home.


Rebekah was born #2 on 6/3, another beautiful Nigerian Dwarf doeling and also from great milk lines. She has also been disbudded.


Last, but not least of the group, Reuben was #3 on 6/3, a handsome Nigerian Dwarf buckling. he has also been disbudded.


This is little Rebel, first of Myotonic triplets born 6/5. He has been disbudded.


Miss. Rumer was born #2 on 6/5. She is polled, a beautiful Myotonic doeling. 


Razzle-Me-Dazzle is so named because of her dazzling coat. Born #3 on 6/5, a beautiful and naturally polled Myotonic doeling.


Raven was our last born for this year on 6/17 to our herd queen, a Nigerian Dwarf. He has been disbudded. 

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